Job Creation

Mark Hargrove | August 30, 2012

Everyone knows we need job creation in Washington State to get our economy moving. So how can the legislature help? By giving our largest employer, small business, the confidence to hire new employees in these ways:

  1. Reduce the burdensome, excessive and expensive regulations that stifle business.
  2. Allow injured workers more options for settlements, lowering the cost of workmen's compensation insurance.

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Reining in State Spending

Mark Hargrove | May 23, 2012

Our founders knew that limited government that left us free to pursue our own happiness was what would lead to prosperity for our country. But if you look at this history of state spending, you can see that our state government is anything but limited.

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Elected and Serving

Mark Hargrove | February 14, 2011

On November 2nd, 2010, I was elected to represent the people of the 47th District in Olympia.  On this website you will find information about me and my legislative priorities. However, I’m committed to not letting campaigning interfere with my responsibilities as a legislator. So I won’t be spending a lot of time updating this site. You may find more information and legislative contact information on my legislative website via

Thank you for the honor of representing you.

Restoring Honor to Olympia

Mark Hargrove | October 28, 2010

Check out my latest campaign ad, "Restoring Honor to Olympia":

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