Job Creation

Mark Hargrove | August 30, 2012

Everyone knows we need job creation in Washington State to get our economy moving. So how can the legislature help? By giving our largest employer, small business, the confidence to hire new employees in these ways:

  1. Reduce the burdensome, excessive and expensive regulations that stifle business.
  2. Allow injured workers more options for settlements, lowering the cost of workmen's compensation insurance.
  3. Reduce health insurance costs by eliminating unnecessary mandates and institute tort (lawsuit) reform to reduce doctors' malpractice insurance costs which get passed on to patients.
  4. Tort reform so employers aren't afraid to hire because of the fear of lawsuits if they need to fire the employee.
  5. Replace the B&O tax, so new businesses don't have to pay taxes even if they lost money.

If we can do this, Washington can lead the nation in job creation and get us back on the road to prosperity. I'm ready to get back to Olympia to get to our neighbors back to work.