About Mark

Mark Hargrove

Mark Hargrove was raised in an Air Force family, where he participated in multiple school sports and band. He is an Eagle Scout, a U.S. Air Force Academy graduate, and a veteran Air Force pilot. Mark has lived in the 47th District for the past 29 years. He is currently a Boeing instructor pilot and a SPEEA union member, teaching pilots from around the world as he flies with them their new 747's, 767's, 777's and 787's.

Mark has been married to his wife, Sandy, for 37 years, and is the father of two married daughters and has three grandchildren. Both of his daughters attended Kent public schools from kindergarten through high school. His wife and daughters have all taught and/or coached at Auburn High School.

Mark Hargrove's Family

It is Mark's connection to and affection for his neighbors in the 47th district that brought him to his decision to run for the State House of Representatives. He was first elected in 2010. While he has been able to work effectively across party lines, he recognizes, now more than ever, the need for a systemic change in how our government process works.

Mark has come to realize that the prosperity of our country and our state is directly related to the prosperity of our families. So Mark is committed to the principles and policies that will make Washington State the best place possible to live and work and raise a family.